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Locating records created by cities can be a challenge.Unlike county records, most city records have never been microfilmed.Incorporation of a city requires an act of the Georgia General Assembly.

“Concurrent jurisdiction” was defined as the right for the City Court to try cases over “minor offenses” that would otherwise be tried in the Superior Court.

General city business often recorded in the council minutes includes changes to the city code, reports of city officials (such as the sexton), the amount of collected taxes, the maintenance of infrastructure, and the enforcement of the city code.

Many personal requests are dealt with by the city council and can be found in the minutes.

City council minutes are generally housed at city hall, although historical council minutes may be found elsewhere.

Historical city council minutes for the city of Atlanta are housed at the Atlanta History Center.

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Some cities, like Atlanta, use a historical society to house records that are no longer in regular use by administrators or the public.

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