Updating a passport charlotte nc

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I agree, just getting them on the phone to schedule was most of my dilemma! We were pleasantly surprised the other day when our passports (5 of them) arrived 2 weeks from the date of our appointment!! we just did ours and the man filling out the forms says he only answers in between appointments and very rarely gets to return the messages.

MR Cash, what would you recommend for someone who left a message last week, missed the call back and immediately started calling again to get a “voicemail box is full” message for more than a day and a half?

Or you can send in your original birth certificate.

All accompanying documentation, whether it is original or certified, will be returned to you by the State Department.

We have applicants bringing in photocopies all of the time, which are not acceptable.

If you don’t have a certified copy of your birth certificate, this website ( provides links to obtaining a certified copy of your birth certificate for every state.

Don’t quote him on that as he did not seem very sure although he’s worked the passport process for double digit years and has been working at the USPS long enough to retire next year (you can quote him on that).

If you need one for spring break, then you are still within the 4-6 week window so there’s still time! Children under the age of 16 applying for passports must do so in person (cannot do it online) and both parents or the child’s legal guardians must be present in person. Passports for children under 16 are valid for 5 years. I know parents who have “assumed” their child’s passport was valid for 10 years, like theirs, and they got to the airport and only then did they find out the 5 year rule. I do not recommend taking your own photos because the State Department has gotten VERY PICKY with photos.This is the State Department’s rule – not the post office’s rule – and your application will be rejected if completed in blue ink.(2) Many applicants think that the parental information only has to be filled in if the applicant is a minor. The parental information must be completed for all applicants regardless of their age.When I finally got someone to answer, they were fairly booked, and they only schedule one week at a time.I ended up making and appointment at the Gastonia Post Office and going there instead – it was a lot easier to make an appointment! you can also go to one of the post offices that do the service and make an appointment at the desk, this requires an extra trip there to make the appointment but if you can’t get then to answer the phone this is a good option.

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