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Matthews was also a cast member and performer in the popular music documentary, Before the Music Dies.

In 1999, Matthews purchased more than ten acres of land in Albemarle County, Virginia, known as Blenheim Farm, to preserve its historical significance.

On January 29, 1994, he performed with Tim Reynolds at The Wetlands in New York, where he dedicated that performance "to her [Anne's] memory".

The fifth time Matthews appeared as musical guest on Saturday Night Live in November 2009 (which was also the fourth time the Dave Matthews Band appeared on the show), he made an appearance as Ozzy Osbourne in a skit called "The Mellow Show." Bill Hader impersonated Matthews in the same skit.

In 2007, Matthews guest starred in the Fox medical-drama series House in the episode "Half-Wit".

He played a piano-playing musical savant who ended up having the two hemispheres of his brain severed from each other in order to recover from his epilepsy, but at the expense of his musical abilities.

Dave had a piano double for the complex pieces, but played the simpler pieces himself.

In the season one episode of House, "Love Hurts", the song "Some Devil" can be heard playing at the end.

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In addition to music, Matthews has had multiple acting roles.